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Acorn Squash Curry

1 onion

1 acorn squash

2 TBSP oil

28 oz can diced tomatoes

1 cauliflower or 1 bag frozen florets

2 TBSP Spice by Rachel Sweet COCONUT CURRY MIX

1/2 cup plain yogurt (optional) for topping

Peel and dice the onion, and set aside. Rinse the squash and cut in half. There is no need to peel. The skin is edible and will be soft after simmering. Scoop out the seeds and slice lengthwise along the natural lines of the squash until you have several long strips of raw squash. Then cut into bite sized pieces and set aside.

Add the olive oil to a large frying pan or a pot and turn heat to medium. Add the onion and cook for 5 minutes. Then add the squash and cook 3 more minutes. Stir in the tomatoes and cover the pot. Turn the heat to its lowest setting and simmer for 30 minutes.

While the squash is cooking, cut the cauliflower into florets, if using fresh.

After the squash has simmered for 30 minutes, add the 2 tablespoons COCONUT CURRY MIX and the cauliflower. Stir well and replace the cover. Cook for 10 more minutes. Serve topped with yogurt (optional), or as a side to meat or grains.



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