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Breakfast Quinoa

1 cup quinoa

1 can coconut milk (light or regular)

1 can pumpkin puree

3 TBSP honey or maple syrup

2 TBSP Spice by Rachel Sweet WALNUT DELIGHT MIX

Put the cup of quinoa into a small colander or strainer and rinse well. Quinoa can taste bitter if not rinsed. Scoop the rinsed quinoa into a pot and add the coconut milk, pumpkin puree, and the 2 tablespoons of WALNUT DELIGHT MIX. Stir well and heat to boiling. Once boiling, turn the heat down to its lowest setting and cover. Allow to simmer for approximately 15 minutes until all the liquid is mostly absorbed. Shut the heat off and remove the pot from the hot burner.

Serve in bowls and drizzle with the honey or maple syrup for a healthy and hearty breakfast.



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