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Lentil Soup

1 TBSP oil (coconut, olive, or vegetable)

2 TBSP Spice by Rachel Sweet MASALA MIX

2 bell pepper (any color: green, red, orange, or yellow)

1 onion

1 cup lentils

2 cups broth (vegetable or chicken) or water

14 fl. oz can coconut milk

28 oz can diced or crushed tomatoes

1 bunch cilantro (optional)

1 lemon (optional)

Wash and dice the onion and peppers. Add the oil to a pan, and heat to medium. Add the onion and peppers and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the broth and tomatoes. shake the can of coconut milk before you open it. Add the coconut milk and the 2 tablespoons of MASALA MIX. Stir well.

While the vegetables are cooking, rinse the lentils in a colander then add these to the pot. Cover the pot and turn the heat down to medium-low. Cook for 30-45 minutes depending on how soft you like the lentils.

Shut off the heat and add the juice from the lemon and cilantro, if desired. Stir well and serve.



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