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Simple Jicama Salad

1 jicama

1 cucumber

4 to 6 red radishes

2 TBSP olive oil

1 TBSP Spice by Rachel Sweet COCONUT CURRY MIX

Wash the jicama and peel and discard the skin. You can use a regular vegetable peeler for this or use a sharp paring knife. Chop the entire jicama into cubes and put these into a large bowl. Rinse the cucumber and cut in half the long way. Then cut in half the long way again so that you have 4 long quarters. Lay the four quarter slices flat and cut them into bite-sized triangle pieces. Add the cucumber to the bowl with the jicama. Wash the radishes and slice thinly. Add to the large bowl.

In a separate small bowl, add the olive oil and the tablespoon of COCONUT CURRY MIX and stir well. Pour the dressing over the rest of the vegetables in the large bowl and stir to mix. Serve chilled.



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