Variety Meal Prep Packs

Variety Meal Prep Packs

Try a sampler pack of either 5 different flavors (1 TBSP Size) or 3 different flavors (2 TBSP Size). Each pack comes with recipes for each spice mix or you can try your own creations! Perfect for weeknight meal planning or for having meal ideas on hand.

  • Ingredients


    Buttery Autumn Mix (Nutritional Yeast, Sage*, Garlic*, Yellow Mustard*, Celery Seed*, Turmeric*, Lemon Powder*, Black Pepper*, Red Pepper Flakes*, Pink Himalayan Salt)

    Coconut Curry Mix (Dried Unsweetened Coconut*, Onion Powder*, Curry*, Garlic*, Dried Parsley*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper*)

    Masala Mix (Garam Masala*, Onion Powder*, Curry*, Garlic*, Cilantro*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ginger*, Yellow Mustard Seed*, Cayenne Pepper*)

    Onion Soup Mix (Minced Onion*, Onion Powder*, Dried Parsley*, Turmeric*, Celery Seed*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper*)

    Slightly Spicy Cajun Mix (Paprika*, Onion Powder*, Thyme*, Garlic*, Black Pepper*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Oregano*, Cayenne Pepper*, Red Pepper Flakes*)

    Sweet Fennel Mix (Onion Powder*, Garlic*, Fennel Seeds*, Sage*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cane Sugar*, Black Pepper*)

    Walnut Delight Mix (Walnut Flour*, Flax Seeds*, Cinnamon*, Cane Sugar*, Ginger*, Cloves*, Pink Himalayan Salt)

    Warm Chili Mix (Chili Powder*, Onion Powder*, Cocoa Powder, Garlic*, Cumin*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Oregano*, Cilantro*, Red Pepper Flakes*, Cinnamon*)