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About Spice by Rachel Sweet

Spice by Rachel Sweet began as a passion project. A love of healthy yet delicious food and a mission to bring it within easy reach of the home cook was what drove the beginnings of the business. Cooking for friends and family inspired Rachel to make unique and flavorful dishes practical for weeknight meals. A career as a Scientist added a new perspective to the flavor combinations she created.

The uniqueness of pre-measured mixes was designed to cater to busy lifestyles while still providing nutritious and tasty meal options. Not enough time to cook wasn't a reason Rachel was willing to accept for missing out on a great meal! All ingredients are the highest quality organic spices available. 

"With a Quality Control and Quality Assurance background, I don't put my name on anything unless I absolutely stand by it. No exceptions."

-Rachel Sweet

Photo courtesy of Cara Sweet Photography

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