Autumn Gold Seasoning Blend (Organic)

Autumn Gold Seasoning Blend (Organic)

Previously called "Buttery Autumn Mix", the mild nutty flavor of nutritional yeast makes this mix just the thing for a crisp fall day. The aroma of our Autumn Gold Seasoning Blend brings to mind fall vegetables such as squashes, potatoes, and cruciferous veggies. A sprinkle of this mix before roasting or steaming is just the thing on a cool day! 


1 TBSP of Autumn Gold Seasoning Blend provides:

Thiamin - 230% Daily Value

Riboflavin - 210% Daily Value

Niacin - 92% Daily Value

Vitamin B6 - 180% Daily Value

Folate - 48% Daily Value

Vitamin B12 - 257% Daily Value


Contains organic ingredients. Bulk sized bags are 100% recyclable plastic. Measured sized bags are made of compostable plant-based material.




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