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Sweet Heat Candied Walnuts

2 cups walnut halves

1 cup sugar

1 TBSP Spice by Rachel Sweet WARM CHILI MIX

Lay out parchment or wax paper on a counter top or plate. Add the walnuts and sugar to a pan and turn heat to medium. It will take a few minutes for the sugar to get hot enough to melt. Stick around because it is very easy to overcook!

Once the sugar starts turning to liquid, stir constantly to keep coating the walnuts. Use a silicone spatula because it cleans easily. When all the sugar has melted, shut the heat off. Add the tablespoon of WARM CHILI MIX to the hot pan and stir well. Once the mix has covered all the walnuts, dump them out onto the laid out parchment or wax paper. BE CAREFUL! Touching hot sugar can hurt - a lot! Use the spatula to separate the nuts from each other as best as you can. Let them sit a few minutes to cool before trying. Soak the pan in water - the sugar will melt off easily for cleaning.



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