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Winter Rice

2 onions

Mix of 6 chili peppers (use whatever you find at the store! Jalapeno, Poblano, Italian, Banana, Cherry, Anaheim, Serrano)

2 TBSP olive oil

1 1/2 cup dry rice

4 cups water or broth

2 TBSP bag Spice by Rachel Sweet MULLING SPICES

1 bag frozen peas

1 tsp salt

Peel and dice the onions and dice the peppers.

Heat the oil in a large pot on medium heat. Add the onion and pepper and cook 5 minutes. Add the dry rice and stir and cook an additional minute. Then add the broth or water and the bag of MULLING SPICES. Use a spoon to push the bag down into the liquid. Heat to boiling, then cover and turn the heat to its lowest setting.

Cook the rice on low for 10 minutes, then add the bag of frozen peas and the salt. Stir and re-cover the pot. Cook until the liquid is absorbed and then shut off the heat. Fish out the bag of MULLING SPICES before serving!



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